Sunday, January 30, 2011


Already a month into does the time go so quickly?!

Talitha is doing really well. Her hair is getting longer, she's got meat on her bones again, and she's constantly saying things that either have us in stitches or make us ask, "Did she really say what I think she just said?"

We take her to the first of three church meetings each week--Sacrament Meeting. But we still aren't brave enough to have her stay and play with the other children in the Nursery.  It's just so easy for her to pick up bugs when she's around people. She got sick a few weeks ago and that really scared us because of what looked like a relapse in development. Prayers, Priesthood blessings, and nutrition keep making a difference as God is making it possible for our little one to remain with us.

The miracles keep happening.

And the smiles and joy keep happening.

This past week, Audrey was at the store with Talitha. When they came outside, the sun was bright and the day beautiful in spite of the cold weather. Out of the blue, Talitha blurted with customary enthusiasm, "oh...there is sunshine in my soul!"

Yes, Tali...there IS sunshine in your soul. And you've made our whole world brighter because of it!