Sunday, June 26, 2011

Worry less

Talitha had another full round of tests. The MRI results show things are still clear. The hearing test shows no hearing loss. The spinal tap results are still showing some irregular cells but the unusual cells are not cancerous so they will just keep monitoring according to the normal post-treatment schedule.

Tali now moves from being tested every 3 months to just once every 4 months for the next year. We'll take it.

As I was pondering life this last week, an interesting thought came to my mind: "Repent more; worry less." I like that. Worry is such a complete waste of time as it is incapable of changing anything. On the other hand, repentance is a God-given gift that allows us to change, improve, grow, and become.

Talitha continues her journey of life and teaching us. I'm grateful for the blessings of having her in my family. Her next big step now: potty training.  :-)