Saturday, October 23, 2010

Changing seasons

We have a huge tree in our front yard that's always the first on our street to dress in its fall colors. Then almost as quickly, the golden leaves drop with even a slight wind.

The change happens almost too fast--brilliant gold to barren branches in just days.

The kids make the most of it though and rake leaves into huge piles. Her sisters discovered--no big surprise--that Talitha loves playing in the leaves!

Much to their delight, Tali let them bury her in leaves up to her head. Then she'd push up out of the pile and they'd do it all again...and again.

It's so good to see Talitha playing and enjoying life. I love her happy smile and positive attitude. We pray for her each day that her left side will continue to improve to where she can walk again. She tries so hard to balance but her left leg continues to be very awkward. So, she still gets around mostly by crawling or by duck-walking on her knees.

We noticed that her left eye is drooping a slight bit kind of like Lazy Eye--not real noticeable but something we'll be watching. (The left eye not tracking symmetrically was much more noticeable in the weeks right after the brain surgery.)

Change seems to be the one constant in seasons and in life. We've found that change isn't always comfortable. But it does help things grow--especially people.

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