Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hairy situation

Talitha--rather suddenly--improved leaps and bounds in her walking!

Audrey felt prompted a couple of weeks ago to take Talitha to Dr. Chapman, a NUCCA chiropractor, to see if there may be a connection between her head alignment and her walking. Sure enough, Talitha’s left leg was contracted by nearly a quarter of an inch. After several visits just to get Talitha comfortable with Dr. Chapman, he did one simple adjustment and that did the trick. Even though her left leg is still not coordinated, at least her legs are the same length again.

Talitha also has more confidence now which suggests that the head alignment also improved her sense of balance. Now we have to encourage her brain to retrain the coordination.

At any rate, we’re grateful for the spiritual promptings that have guided and continue to guide this journey.

Tali is so determined to walk in spite of her awkward leg. Today I was walking with her and she let go of my hand and said, "walk by myself" in a very matter of fact little voice.

We were a little more bold in taking her to church today. Last week we just sat at the back and left before the meeting ended. This week we stayed for all of Sacrament Meeting and then took her to say "hi" to the other children in Primary.

For me it was pretty emotional when all the children turned and looked at Tali and waved and said "hi". All those beautiful little children have been praying for Talitha ever since last December. Most of them have not seen her in person for that entire time.

We learn that miracles have not ceased. I was able to share with the children that they have been a part of a miracle just like they've heard about and read about in the scriptures.

Talitha loved being with all the children for a few short minutes. We are so hopeful that her next blood tests will show improvement sufficient to allow for expanded interaction with more and more children without such stress of contact with germs, bacteria, and viruses.

As you can see, Talitha's hair has also inexplicably grown by leaps and bounds too.

Ok, so maybe a bit of stretch on the rapid hair growth...  :-)

Thank you for your continuing prayers, love and support!

Happy Halloween.

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  1. Haha I love the hair! So glad she's walking- Go Tali!!!