Friday, September 24, 2010

Bug and a hair brush

Talitha has had a great week up until about 5 hours ago. She picked up some bug and is throwing up about every half hour.

After she chucks she feels great and seems perfectly happy and content. Then she wants to eat and have more milk.

After about 4 repeating cycles of not-quite-getting-the-bucket-there-in-time, the food is on hold and we're trying just water. She doesn't have a fever so we don't have much to go on yet.

She's a little tired but doesn't look sick in these photos that I just took a few minutes ago. (I've been doing a lot better laying off the camera since saying goodbye to the daily blog updates. But I just had to snap a few when I saw her having such a good ol' time with the brush alternating between her hair, then daddy's hair, then mommy's.)

I'm praying that the sickness that popped up this afternoon with no apparent provocation will decide it has the wrong address and go away.


  1. If she is like me when I was little, she needs a good back massage. ;-)

  2. Her hair is coming back so nice! Hope she starts feeling better soon!

  3. You're right Stanley. She does like the back massages.

    And yes Brenda, she's feeling great now.

    Thank you!