Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aunties and Cousins

One thing about some of the Polynesian cultures that I love is their ready acceptance to call you "family." In fact, many working at the Polynesian Culture Center were calling everyone "cousin" right from the start. It was a great way to break down stiffness surrounding a bunch of strangers thrown together in a tour group.

As we took Malorie to BYUH last week, we looked up some friends of people from home in hopes that if Malorie needed something they might be able to help her. This brought me some peace as I left my second born thousands of miles away from home. On one occasion, a woman whom we had just met enthusiastically said she would be more than happy to look out for Mal and said, "Just call us your aunties."

One thing we have found during this journey with Talitha is that we have a lot of family. We thank all of you for being our "aunties" as we've needed so much of your support.

Mahalo Cousins!!

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