Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'll come back

Another one of Talitha's older sisters left for college today. Malorie starts her freshman year at BYU-H next week.

It's hard to explain to a 2-year old that Malorie will be gone till the middle of December. Tali definitely knew something was going on with suitcases going out to the car and even told me a couple of times to "stop!" as I was carrying bags to the vehicle.

Another adjustment to make.

Life is full of them.

At one point this afternoon, Talitha just kept saying over and over, "I'll come back. I'll come back."

So many things that can mean.

Maybe it's simply what her sister told her before she drove off.

Maybe it's more.

Tali is (and daddy is) going to miss Malorie.

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