Friday, September 10, 2010

Numbers dropped

Talitha's lab results today showed an unexpected drop in the white blood cell count and ANC numbers. In fact, Tali's ANC a little over two weeks ago was more than two and a half times higher than today's numbers.

She's borderline neutropenic again.

They tried to reassure me at the hospital clinic by telling me that it can take a year or more for the blood counts to normalize but still, they can't account for the substantial drop at this point.

Because Tali no longer has a central line, they had to insert an IV needle in her wrist to gain access for the blood draws and to administer the anesthesia to sedate her for her MRI. Poor Tali was not happy about the needle. And to make matters worse, they had to do THREE needle inserts before they were able to get one that worked.

Tali was very clear with them through her hollers that she was not a happy camper. But by the time the IV team had packed up their things to leave, Talitha had calmed down and actually said "thank you" to them as they left.  (Just made me wanna cry.)

I love little children and their innate ability to forgive and forget.

The MRIs of Tali's head and spinal cord seemed to have gone well enough. We don't know the results yet but are hoping that nothing out of the ordinary shows up.

I have to admit I'm disappointed about the drop in the ANC and white blood cell count. I really thought we'd be having Talitha back at church with us this month or next.  Now they are advising us to not plan on it until mid to late November at the earliest.

Please pray for Talitha's bone marrow that it may be strengthened to be able to produce the abundance of white blood cells that her little body needs.

Thank you.

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