Saturday, September 11, 2010

Morning scripture reading

Talitha loves to do whatever her siblings do. So naturally, when we read scriptures together in the morning, Tali wants to be more and more a part of the action.

It wasn't enough this morning to share with one of her sisters. She needed to have her own scripture book.

I have to admit, Tali's cuteness can be distracting at times. She doesn't bother waiting for her turn to read but just starts talking away in some foreign tongue known only to herself and the angels.

Tonight, Tali helped me put her older sisters to bed and when she saw them kneeling by their beds to pray, she had to jump right down there by them. She knelt first by Afton for an appropriate moment before scooting herself over by Madeline where she again knelt by her bed and put her hands together in proper prayer fashion with her head bowed.

Unfortunately, Talitha also mimics other things she sees happen around the home. Not really the cute kind of things I'd care to take pictures of and post on a blog.

Hopefully, with enough scripture study and prayer we'll find a way to make it through this life with a few less avoidable bumps and bruises.

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