Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Broken lines

Rough start today.

Two of Talitha's IV lines broke spilling chemo and flushing solution onto her and her bed during the night. (Sure glad Aunt Monica-the nurse-was there to help!) The hospital is using some new, supposedly better chemo IV tubing/connectors. Since last Saturday, there have been three line breaks and/or connector malfunctions during chemo injections. Suffice it to say, Audrey had several visits from groups of hospital administrators today trying to re-assure her that this is not normal.

Trials within trials; hard not to get discouraged.

But if trials can double up, so can faith. And if faith, then prayer. And if prayer, then gratitude.

The Lord helped us through another day...just like He always does.

The day ended on a huge positive: Talitha is in her own bed at HOME tonight!

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