Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Talitha enjoyed the night in her own crib and then was up early and on the road to Salt Lake again before sunup.

Today was another kidney test at the University Hospital (next door to the PCMC).

Tomorrow is another sedated hearing test. Then we expect they will admit her to the hospital to begin chemotherapy induction round #3.

Not much time at home for her during the current cycle that just wrapped up.

We're grateful for another night in her own bed.

Tali's little personality is coming out more and more. She adores her siblings! When they laugh, she tries to laugh. When she saw Malorie chewing gum tonight, she just stared and stared and then started making chewing motions as if she had gum too.

She answers with vigor when asked questions whether it be an exuberant "OKAAAY", a more casual "yeah", or a quick but firm "No".

She has become quite a blanket enthusiast. In her world, it is impossible to have too many blankets. She has been the recipiant of three new blankets made by loving neighbors just this past week. Two of the three she received on Sunday in the hospital and immediately wanted to take them on a test drive. After feeling their silky side, she said "ni-night" which is our clue that she wants to lay down. And she did, cuddling her new blankets.

Then tonight, another neighbor stopped by with another blanket with lots of varied patterns, shapes, and intricate stitching. Tali couldn't wait to open it up and take a look. She literally gasped a rapid intake breath--an exclamation of anticipation as she started unfolding it. She studied it and ran her hands over it and opened it more and more like it was a favorite book. Then she caught a glimpse of the other side with its polka dots and decided it was "ni-night" time ---code for let's see how this one rides.

Later she sat on my lap here at the computer looking for the chance to "help" me type and work the mouse. She asked to see the "ruff-ruffs" which I correctly interpreted to mean look at pictures of dogs on-line. Oh, how she loves seeing dogs.

As I pulled up the first set of pictures, she said, "cuuute"--which about floored me and got me laughing and calling for Audrey to come hear. Tali was pleased to oblige and repeated her "cutes" as often as she'd get a response from us (which usually involved a chuckle or a downright laugh).

Her endless asking for us to read her books at the hospital is paying off in the form of a rapidly growing vocabulary. We are so grateful for this especially following the scare after surgery when she lost her ability to talk. (Her little brain needs all the help it can get after the trauma it's seen in her young life.)

Prayer works.

Thank you for your prayers!

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