Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I came across a most interesting verse of scripture:

"Therefore they hushed their fears, and began to cry unto the Lord..." (Mosiah 23:28) What intrigues me most about this verse is the consciousness of the choice to quiet a naturally occurring emotion rather than to be debilitated by it. Not surprisingly, this conscious choice was aided by "remembering the Lord their God and [that] He would deliver them."

Since the dawn of time, people have faced trials and afflictions. The scriptures are full of examples of wars and conflicts and...deliverance. We can learn a lot about how to face similar adversities by studying the scriptures.

A theme made abundantly clear throughout holy writ is that God has the power to save and God has the power to deliver. In fact, prophets of God both ancient and modern spent and spend a great deal of time reminding us to remember. In the remembering comes strength to believe that what God has done before, He is capable of repeating.

I love the verse of the hymn that says, "We doubt not the Lord nor His goodness; we've proved Him in days that are past."

In this light, remembering is quite liberating because it allows us to productively "rejoice in and through all things" rather than languishing in dark, dead ends of doubt.

Christ has overcome the world and made it possible for us to learn and grow and progress during our time of mortal probation. Though sometimes hard to accept or acknowledge, intense, rapid learning frequently occurs during times of equally intense trial.

This is something we are gratefully learning.

Talitha's counts are jumping nicely. The CD34 count is up to 4.7 and the bone marrow transplant team plans to admit Talitha on Thursday to harvest millions of her now flourishing stem cells. Tali is feeling great and has the energy back to try more walking exercises. (She actually enjoyed her bath tonight!)

Talitha is crawling really well again now and suddenly we have to be mindful of a mobile baby in the house again. (We don't mind!) And she's eating--really good for lunch today--and a much larger variety.

The diarrhea seems to have vacated the premises and that's giving her little bottom a bit of a breather. (Yay!)

So, a good day. A calm day. An I'm-grateful-for-everything-and-everyone day!

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