Thursday, March 25, 2010

Making the World a Better Place



Talitha is home again! The fever left almost as quickly as it came. They did various tests of her blood and such but all of them came back negative for infection so far. After 24 hours without a fever, they released her to come home. (Yay!)

Talitha's second cousins in California, Luke and Nathan Baker (see above), decided to join the fight against cancer and honor Talitha in the process through the St Baldricks organization.

They not only raised money to help fight cancer, but also had their heads shaved at a St Baldricks event as a show of support for and solidarity with the many children who lose hair during treatment.

You can read about their experience and see more pictures through the link I set up on this page (upper right) called St Baldricks.

So many are working together in so many ways to make this world a better place. Whether you are fighting cancer or helping lift God's children in other ways, thank you. There is so much goodness in this world!

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