Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cherry tomatoes

Audrey just got back from the store with a carton of cherry tomoatoes. Talitha's tired eyes lit up when she saw them. She gave Audrey a kiss and a big hug; absolutely melted mom's heart. Tali loves tomatoes!

It's been so nice having big sister Elisa here at home for a week during her spring break from college. Elisa and Talitha have been nearly inseparable as Tali knows her big sister will do ANYTHING for her. So, they've been going on walks around the house, reading books constantly, and playing with toys. (Not to mention the couple of on-line videos of dogs that Tali loves Elisa to play over and over and over and over.....)

Wasn't too long ago that tending duty was a chore for the older kids. Now, they can't get enough time with their baby sister. The philosopher, Thomas Paine, said, "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly." In that light, I guess the increase in love and willingness to help makes sense becuase it's not just us parents in the home that have had to pay a price; the other children have likewise needed to make big adjustments.

There've been a few more smiles around the home these past couple days. The Lord has blessed us with a moment to come up for air.

Thank you.

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