Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Families Can Be Together Forever

Thank you for the many kindnesses to our family. I think we’ve always been believers in the power of prayer, but our awareness of the Lord’s loving hand in every area of our lives is more intense now.

I think our family is holding together pretty well. We all have our days when things seem to falter more than usual but we try to keep going as best we can and things seem to work out somehow. I know God is helping us and that brings peace. (Many of you have been His angels to sooth and lift us.)

Talitha is taking longer, earlier naps than usual. Her little body is plum tuckered out. We are trying to figure out why she is in such pain when her bowels are active. And then when we change her, she cries as if in severe pain and we see no visual evidence on the exterior that can explain it.

After all yesterday’s drama over Tali’s central line, we are grateful the latest repair work is holding up. I just keep thanking the Lord that we have another day with her. She brings such joy to our lives.

Knowing that our family can be together not just in this world but in the life to come is sweet, gentle music to my soul. Makes me want to share the Good News all the more when I think that some people don’t yet know how their family can be a forever family.

Tali goes to Salt Lake tomorrow for her last chemo injection of Vincristine. Yay!

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