Monday, March 1, 2010

March Madness

Traditionally if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb and vice versa. I am fully aware that it represents the weather activity yet I can't help but wonder if it could forcast anything in Talitha's journey this month. I'm a little hesitant in saying I hope it will do the lion/lamb thing rather than the other way around. Unless of course it's a relatively small lion and a very huge lamb :o). How big does a complication/problem have to be to qualify as a "lion" anyway?

In my reading about medulloblastoma I came upon some advice from other parents of chemo-kids. It said something like, "Don't get too excited about the ups or the downs because you will have both. Instead, try to stay at a more even level, appreciating each step." Now that's hard to do. But, I do get the wisdom behind it. There are just so many ups and downs on this ride that taking things in stride keeps you from going insane with emotion.

Talitha's counts are on the move--finally! Her ANC was zero yesterday and 200 today. The number they (bone marrow transplant team) are watching is her CD34--some kind of bone marrow measurement. Today it was at 1.4 and it needs to get to 10 for them to start collecting. We'll see what tomorrow brings... a lion or a lamb?? It won't matter because I'm taking everything in stride...

Talitha also gets her follow up hearing test and kidney test on Thursday and Friday respectively. We're beginning to feel we need to relocate to Salt Lake with all this madness.

It was a really nice day today as far as weather goes. In fact I would say it was a medium sized lamb.

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