Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crust the what?

The blood counts edged slightly higher today (finally). Talitha's improved energy would've suggested something is improving even without the technical measurements.

The greatest challenge of the day was trying to get the diarrhea slowed down. (Tali's little bottom is as raw as I've seen.) I'm not trying to be gross but the nurse finally came in with some new supplies and a process they use in the Intensive Care Units when the skin gets so bad it even bleeds: the process is called "crust the butt". And that's pretty descriptive for what you do.

After spraying the area with a solution and letting it sit for 3 minutes, you wipe everything clean and then apply a special powder followed by an effective barrier substance. (You repeat the powder and barrier three times.) Then you apply Calmoseptine an amazing cream that did wonders in helping when the diapers were full of chemo stuff.

During each diaper change thereafter, you try to wipe off just the Calmoseptine and then repeat the powder/barrier routine.

They discharged Talitha at about 5PM from the hospital and as always, she is so happy to be home. Audrey gave her a soothing sponge bath and her meds and she is now sleeping like...a baby.

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