Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm learning a lot about how to face challenges with enthusiasm by being around Talitha. It's no secret that she would rather not be in the hospital with nasty fluids being pumped into her body and nurses in and out of her room around the clock. It's especially annoying having the diaper changed every two hours while the body clears the methotrexate again.

But she's a regular little cheerleader with her little "yay" after ever single cotton-picken thing they do to her. It definitely keeps everyone smiling and reminds me of the scripture that says we shouted for joy at the prospect of coming to Earth to have this experience.

And if all things really will be for our good and give us experience, why not get into it a little more and give a "yay" a little more often. Talitha seems to understand at an early age that challenges can be a part of daily living; and while it's not comfortable, you don't have to be grumpy about it. In fact, a little verbal, positive reinforcement--even if it's self-supplied--after getting through each tough moment can go a long way in keeping up a positive attitude along the way.

So, I'm going to give it a try.

Yay! We made it through day 2 of this cycle. :-)

It really was a great day for Tali. She's still eating and drinking great. They're more than a little surprised that after 24 hours her Methotrexate is already down to a 4 (It was 17+ after the first 24 hours in cycle 1). Talitha is laughing, full of energy, and enthusiastic about life except when she's tired. But she got some good sleep today after a hard night so she's in good spirits. (Oh, they also found a special cream for her bottom that has made the rash from the methotrexate go away and now she doesn't cry from pain when her diaper is being changed!)

I am SO grateful.

Your prayers and encouragement have worked wonders. THANK YOU!

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