Friday, February 12, 2010

No Room at the "INN"

What a day! Today we found out that Talitha has grown 2cm since the last time they measured. I guess that was pretty significant because they thought the tech had made a mistake and came in to remeasure her just to make sure. I told them they accidently gave her "hormones" instead of chemo last round.

We also found out the results of the kidney test she had last week...106!! A week before each chemo treatment she gets to have this test to make sure she's on track. The first test she took her points were in the 80's range--she has to be above 60 to be "eligible" for chemo. A whopping 106?? We were stunned. Just about as stunned to hear of her jumping from 100 to 5,000 in 3 days on the ANC reading. Thanks to lots of prayer, miracles are happening.

Checking-in today was quite the experience. We were taken to a place "no one has ever gone before." Every single room is being used right now. Everything on every floor is booked solid. Even with a few children leaving today, more came in than left. So, there was no room for us at the ICS unit. We are now currently staying in a room used for sedation, where they prep children before surgery, it's just around the corner from the ICS unit. It is such a new thing that we literally have been helping with organizing the room so that we can fit a parent sleeper/chair in there (thanks to William's space planning skills) and there are nurses who are coming around to see what it looks like. We are one of 3 "fortunate" families in this section.

When we first arrived and they showed us to this most humble room, I must admit I was rather shocked. No window? No TV? No closet? No private bathroom? Shocking. Would room service find us with Tali's dinner?

That's when it hit us how lucky we are. How lucky to live in this country, to have a beautiful facility to take our child to. In Haiti you can forget windows and everything else, just give them a place with a roof over their heads. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

I wonder if I'm making enough room for the important things. Making room for those things that bring lasting joy.

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