Friday, February 26, 2010

Patient Faith

We've been so fortunate to have Talitha at home for more of this cycle than the first one. We'd hoped she would make it fever-free this whole second round.

Alas, she didn't quite make it over the hump. She is up at the hospital tonight with Audrey and they will probably keep her there now at least until her blood counts start heading north.

I would've preferred that both Audrey and Tali be at home tonight. I just try to remind myself that things like Talitha's fevers aren't catching the Lord by surprise.

Could it be that faith without patience is just fair-weather believing?

Just spoke with Audrey. Talitha is finally sleeping. She was shaking quite a bit earlier this evening--a result of fevers and depleted blood counts. They opted to wait on the blood transfusion to see where her counts are tomorrow morning.

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