Monday, February 15, 2010

Hospital Olympics

As the Winter Olympic athletes in Vancouver run their qualifying heats and try to beat their previous times, our little Talitha is running a different kind of race here in Utah. Impressively, she cleared the methotrexate from her system almost a day quicker than she did in round #1. So, that's a new personal best for her. (And we're cheering her on and believe she'll go all the way and beat the cancer competition.)

Thanks to all who left anonymous valentines at our door or sent other envelopes with kind surprises. Your kindness and generosity are miraculous and I wish there was a way to share all that is happening even more openly. Your faith, prayers, notes, emails, home-made bread, contributions, phone calls, dinners, help overnight at the hospital....the list just goes on and on. We are forever in your debt and thank the Lord every day for you and pray that you will be blessed and filled with abundance from Him.

Talitha continues to be in good spirits. The chemo pounding is starting to take its toll little by little again and Tali did receive another blood transfusion today to strengthen her. I just have to rely on the Lord because when I think too much about what her little body is going through, it just doesn't process in my little brain. I know it should go without saying that God is stronger than cancer and chemo but sometimes it really helps to think about that and remember that with God, all things are possible. (ALL things are possible.)

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