Thursday, February 18, 2010

Home sweet home! (with some nausea)

Talitha came home late this afternoon after a week at the PCMC for her second round of chemotherapy. She's worn down as expected and Audrey thought she'd go right down for a nap. She probably would have except for one thing: she came in the house and saw two of her older sisters--Afton and Madeline. She just came alive!

Tali played and played with Afton and then played and played with Madeline. Home sweet home, indeed!

She ate pretty good today but throws up pretty much anything she eats. Then she's hungry again and eats....(and the process repeats). Cisplatin--the last of the cancer fighting drugs she received before coming home--is a big make-you-throw-up kind of chemo.

The home health care nurse came by this evening and taught Audrey how to use the IV pump so we can give her fluids to keep her hydrated. (She got quite dehydrated after chemo round #1 and we'd like to avoid that this time.)

We won't know what her blood counts are until next Monday because she recently had another blood transfusion and that messes with the actual counts of her body. We assume that if it's anything like last time, her counts will drop to pretty much nothing over the next week to 10 days.

Please pray for Talitha that she might be kept free of infections and viruses. We are so hoping we can keep her at home a little more during the two week recovery period. Also, her ears are doing so well right now but Cisplatin can be hard on them too. Please pray that Tali's ears/hearing might be protected from harm.

Thank you!

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  1. Yay! Glad to hear she's home with her family.

    I hope she continues to do well during her recovery.

    We'll definitely be praying for that at our house.

    Love you guys!
    The Whiteleys