Thursday, February 25, 2010

Messages of Faith, Hope, and Gratitude

I'm often at a loss for words to express sufficient gratitude for the love and support we've received over the last 60 days. It's impossible to write even a fraction of the "thank you" cards that would normally follow such generous support and acts of kindness.

The emails, cards, and letters we receive are filled with kind words and expressions of faith and hope. Thank you. We save these inspiring messages. I dream of one day sharing them with Talitha. I want her to see and read and hear the expressions of faith of those who are praying for her throughout the world.

You may have noticed on the right-hand side of the blog--immediately to the right of where you are now reading--there is a link called "Messages of Faith, Hope, and Gratitude". We've already started taking small excerpts from the emails, cards, and letters we've received and included these on that page. So many of these have come at just the right moment when we needed an extra boost.

You can see from the ones already posted that everyone has a unique way of expressing faith, hope, and gratitude. (Once in a while the expressions have been humorous and that's given us a chance to be encouraged while laughing--a needed reprieve at times when the stress is getting thick.)

There is no wrong or right way to express heartfelt sentiments. We've been so blessed by these messages and thought that maybe it would be nice for others to see these expressions that lift and can help all of us in our moments of trial.

Faith, hope, and gratitude have been such valiant companions to us over these last weeks. These enabling powers and virtues from God are among the precious gifts He provides to His children to help us be strong even when we don't feel so strong.

You'll notice that I just abbreviate the names when I give credit for the portion included from the emails, cards, and letters we receive. I will try to post as many portions of messages we receive as time will allow.

I hope you'll click on this link over on the right-hand side from time to time so that you might be lifted as we have been as everyone shares Messages of Faith, Hope, and Gratitude.

Talitha is struggling a bit tonight. We've been advised that the extreme amount of stress placed on the bone marrow both from the chemotherapy and the subsequent neupogen [count-stimulation] shots is likely causing intense aches in her legs. (No wonder Tali doesn't like to stand up much the week after receiving the chemotherapy.) We're grateful her mouth is still holding together without those painful sores (and no fever). Now we are hoping the aching in her bones will soon subside. (She almost took her neupogen shot without crying tonight but it finally got to her right at the end of the injection. She's so brave it makes me want to cry; and I do.)

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