Sunday, February 7, 2010

Endure it Well

We've heard the phrase "Endure it well" several times in the last week. Seems appropriate tonight as we will likely take Talitha to the hospital this week for induction cycle #2--the same treatment cycle she just had repeated all over again.

What will be different this time? Will the lessons be deeper just like when you re-read something worthwhile? Will we be as willing to press on as when we were more naive about the terrain? Will we be stronger since we've already "done it" once? Will it be harder to keep holding on or will our grasp be strengthened from the exercise?

Talitha is doing SO good! (in everything but drinking) The home health care nurse will come tomorrow to do a determining blood draw. We are confident her blood counts will be more than sufficient to allow for advancing to cycle #2.

So, we must press on with the fight.

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