Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Just keep swimming..."

The line repair held!

A bit of a tense night but prayer and faith helped us get some sleep and trust that Talitha would be ok in her sleep.

Talitha's Grandma Wood and Aunt Cynthia came and spent the day with her so that Audrey and I could take our other children to Cedar City and see Elisa in a play at SUU. We are so grateful Talitha had a great day and that we were able to take a little breather and spend some much needed time with our other children.

One of Audrey's favorite movie phrases is from Disney's Finding Nemo. There's a crazy blue fish named Dori that suffers from short-term memory loss. From time to time she shares bits of wisdom with the frantic clown-fish father searching for his lost son, Nemo. At one point in their journey, they came to a challenging moment and instead of turning back or freaking out, Dori said, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

And so we will.

(And if all else fails, Audrey will start speaking "whale".)


Big week ahead with all the post-induction cycle testing and brain scans. We'll be fasting and praying for Talitha. Thank you for remembering her in your prayers.

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