Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tired eyes

Arrived at the hospital tonight to switch places with Audrey. First thing I noticed about Talitha: droopy, tired eyes. Another new blanket arrived today from a long time friend from High School and I presented it to Tali. She immediately brightened a bit and even took an interest in the card that came with the blanket.

The Methotrexate cleared her system even more quickly this round and so she's already begun the next chemo drugs including the one that is hard on the bladder. (They rescue the bladder with a substance called MESNA that coats the bladder to prevent damage.)

She's really trying hard to be brave but I can tell she just plain doesn't feel good.

I sang with her and prayed with her before putting her to bed a little earlier than usual because she was saying "ni-night" to ask to go to sleep.

Even though I'm feeling peaceful and strong tonight, the tears still rolled easily down the cheeks while I held her. The combination of love, concern, heartache, and gratitude gives me serious "hay fever".

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