Friday, August 13, 2010

Gearing Up for the Terrible, Two's

Talitha had a napless day (!). I made the mistake of putting her down with 2 teddy bears, never again. She talked and sang and giggled with them for a long time until I finally went in there and then immediately realized she needed a diaper change :O).

I did the job, then put her down again. For another hour she did more playing. It was late enough that I thought maybe letting her stay up and put her down early for the night would be the best idea. She was a "handful" the last hour, but we stuck it out.

She is certainly growing up into her two-year-old position just fine (and she wont even be officially two until the 31st!).

Tali is more of a climber lately. She is starting to pull herself up onto chairs and if on the couch will climb on the arm rests. We almost had a bad fall but she ended up being rescued just in time.

She also insists on going down the stairs--with someone holding 2 hands--and then climbs back up by herself. Then wants to repeat.

We are getting more and more two-year-old attitude when things don't go her way. We are glad for the "normalcy" of it, even though it has challenging moments.

You know parenthood is not for wimps.

Bravo to all who love, teach, and parent children, whatever the age. And thanks to all who have had an influence on our children and/or have helped us, the parents, stay sane.


  1. I realized a while ago that the "terrible two's" is really nothing more than the first flare up of agency. It is the first point at which a child has the words, and mobility, and the stamina to demonstrate the fact that they have their own will. Previous to this point, their is no marginal utility it resisting the will of parents because their simply isn't physical strength to do it. So as challenging as this stage is... it is also a marvelous thing... we fought a war in heaven over the opportunity to be 2. As a side note I will also agree with Grandma Black at this point that 7 is a marvelous age. I am finally seeing our oldest comprehend cause and effect relationships beyond right now enough to start seeing the goodness of being good... to enjoy spontaneously helping those around her... by choice. Hang in there. The opportunity to tutor a child choose to use their agency for good is a wonderful thing!

  2. Thank you for your insights, Stanley. Great points!