Friday, August 27, 2010

Meltdowns and manipulations

Talitha woke up at around 3am for some reason.

Her favorite--and only--beverage of choice is rice milk. So that's what she wanted to drink at 3am, of course.

I got her water instead, not wanting there to be any kind of "reward" associated with her getting up at 3am. Well, that was totally unacceptable to her.  And she quickly reduced herself to a pitiful pile of pathetic tears.

To say that the unyieldingness of her parents was a deep disappointment to her is an understatement.

After a while, peace was restored and her mean parents retired to their room once again to see what rest if any could be salvaged from the remnants of the night.

Because of the age gap--8 years--between Afton and Talitha, having a youngest child is not exactly a new experience. But because of the cancer circumstances, we have for some months now been more concerned about waiting on her hand and foot than is normally advisable.

I guess we should have expected a fair amount of push back in our attempts to un-spoil our little angel.

We're ever so grateful she's still with us.

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