Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Platelets and mothers

Talitha is doing a lot of climbing these days.

This age can make a parent nervous for a number of reasons. In Tali's case, she doesn't have enough balance to walk again yet so why should she have enough balance to climb up on things and not fall down?

I guess she doesn't.

Even though someone was sitting next to her, Tali still managed to fall off a kitchen chair this evening and get a little cut in her chin. She cried like more than her chin was hurt.

One of my first thoughts when I saw the cut was how grateful I am that her bone marrow is once again producing a good supply of platelets. It's easy to take for granted or forget that important ingredient in blood that magically stops the flow when there's a minor injury.

Tali's mom put her back together and all was soon peaceful again.

So tonight, I'm grateful for platelets and mothers.


  1. Tali does have one of the best moms around!

  2. JaiCi--I'll send you a check in the mail! :o)