Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two hands?

I mentioned that Talitha seems a bit more careful about taking chances with her walking. She's very reluctant to let go of the hands she's holding even if the person she's walking to is only a step or two away.

Her little voice says it all, "two hands?"

We’ve tried offering her just one hand but that just doesn’t cut it. Something as important as walking—even short distances—is clearly a two-hand endeavor.

It got me thinking about some areas in my life that I need more than just a little help with. I found myself praying for help and asking with a similar tone to match Tali's, "two hands?"

To think that God loves each of us even more than I love Tali gives me a lot of hope. If I'm so willing to help Tali walk, imagine how much more willing God is to help each of us walk.

And with two hands when needed!

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