Sunday, August 15, 2010


Last Friday, I had the chance to go on a father's and son's outing up in the mountains about an hour from where we live. Trevor and I don't get out very often but we both love to fish when we get the chance. The lake near where we camped is stocked with trout throughout the summer so there's plenty of action if you know the few tips our friend who is a scoutmaster showed us.

Fun as the fishing was, the most inspiring part of the trip was lying on the ground, looking up at the star-filled sky. With no city lights to compete with, the Milky Way Galaxy was simply incredible. To make it even better, there were shooting stars every couple minutes. One of these meteors reached hundreds of miles across the sky leaving a streak of light that you could see clearly for several seconds.

There's something about the massive universe with its billions of galaxies that makes me feel both small and inspired at the same time. When I consider God's endless handiwork, I realize in a penetrating sort of way that no problem or challenge of this world even comes close to beginning to overwhelm Him. Tough as life can seem when I can't see beyond my little bubble, God--every once in a while--helps me see that He has it all in control and that He hears and answers ALL my prayers.

Knowing that God is in control doesn't make the hardships go away, but it does fill me with hope and courage to keep going knowing that there is a plan and a purpose. I think it's easier to do hard things when you know the effort is not in vain.

Oh, there is so much to learn.

Talitha is having about as normal a childhood at the moment as what I could hope for. Yes, she has a central line attached to her chest and yes there are a lot of medicines and vitamins to take every day, and no she can't be around tons of people yet. But she's playing, and laughing, and crying, and doing about what you'd expect healthy, little, almost-two-year-olds to do.

For that and all of God's mercies, we're grateful.

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