Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not Sure What to Think

The report from the hospital is mixed.

Talitha gained about a pound and is now 12.2 kilos (26.9 pounds). Yay!

But her white blood cell count dropped. (?!)

The doctors are still pretending not to be concerned but want to see her in two weeks again instead of moving us to a monthly schedule.

There doesn't appear to be any explanation for why the white blood cell counts and ANC are not recovering or even improving at this point.

Please pray for Talitha that her bone marrow may be strengthened to produce white blood cells abundantly. It's vital that her immune system come back on line.

Otherwise, Tali is looking great!

She's got lots of energy, is getting a little bit taller, doesn't throw up anymore, has a great appetite, is getting better color, etc...

And, she's got a beautiful smile and isn't afraid to use it!

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