Thursday, August 19, 2010

Improvised walking

I've started noticing Talitha trying a different, more stable approach to walking.

Instead of crawling everywhere, she has started moving around here and there on her knees. It's a bit like a waddle but it seems to work for her. It also allows her to hold things in her hands while transiting from point A to point B.

I heard a saying once that goes something like this: A man never stands as tall as he does when on his knees praying.

It's interesting how many times in the scriptures the Lord invites, even commands us to "pray always". Our relationship with God is everything--both quality and quantity.

I haven't tried Tali's walking waddle but I do try to stand tall on my knees at least for a few minutes each day. That sure keeps me going even when I don't feel much like going.

Pretty amazing when you consider that every one of us has a direct channel of communication right to God. He can comfort and help us so we don't have to feel alone or helpless.

I've found that prayer takes effort but it sure does work.

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