Sunday, August 29, 2010

Please and thank you!

Before Talitha was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in December, her older sister had taught her a few words in sign language. One of these was the word "please".

Many of you may remember that this early connection to a few signs proved invaluable when we were waiting and praying for Talitha to regain her capacity for speech following the first operation.

Since then, our friends--whose daughter Sada has also been battling brain tumors--let us borrow some Signing Time DVDs. What a blessing it has been for Talitha to learn many more words in sign language as she's been learning and relearning words in English.

In one of the Signing Time DVDs the words "please" and "thank you" are taught with a very engaging song that kind of gets stuck in your head.

Lately, when Talitha is very adamant about getting something she really wants, she doesn't stop at "please" to get it. In fact, she unknowingly engages the law of attraction by speaking as if the thing she wants has already happened.

She does this by speaking and signing "please and thank you" all together as if intended to be one phrase. And once that potent phrase is invoked it cannot be denied.

Her success rate in using this inventive combination of words simultaneously (instead of the normal before and after) is high enough I don't envision her dropping the approach any time soon.

She does fill our home with smiles!


  1. I say please, Please, PLEASE when I want it... and we use our thank yous all/most of the time!

    We have more episodes if you want new tunes to sing yourself to sleep :-)

  2. That's the one!

    You guys are the best!!!

    Thank you!