Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

A local author wrote an endearing children's story called, "Hip, Hip, Hooray for Annie McRae."

It's about a little girl whom everyone cheers for whenever she does something good. Be it making her bed, not spilling any milk, volunteering at school, or practicing the piano without being asked...everyone cheers, "hip, hip, hooray for Annie McRae." She feels great about all her efforts and the wonderful acknowledgement that she receives. It motivates her to do more nice things.

Until one day, no matter what she does, no one cheers for her. They are either too busy, or not around, etc. She feels lonely and hurt.

This is where she decides for herself what she'll do. She could get angry and bitter and lash out with resentment. After all, she was doing so much good and no one cared, no one noticed.

But the next day she gets up and changes her attitude. She doesn't stop doing all that good just because no one says anything. She decides that, "The only one who needed to cheer for Annie was Annie."

There's a great lesson in that I think. We are all given "cold prickly's" some days. It's just how it goes. We need to recognize our worth. We need to realize it is not conditional on how many times someone else cheers for us. We need to realize that it is only our Father in Heaven's opinion of us that matters most.

It's so funny to see Talitha cheering for Talitha. Lately before we can say "thank you" to her for any number of things that she does, she does it first. Whether she gives us a hug, puts something away, gives back any-number-of-things she'll cheerfully say "thanks" before we even have a chance. It's so funny.

It's nice for all of us to get a little pat on the back once in a while. And while there are so many of you that we've been able to thank personally, we know there are probably just as many that we have not, for whatever reason. Please know how grateful we are for all the kindnesses that have been (and continue to be) poured out to our family.

We gratefully and loudly cheer for you
HIP, HIP, HOORAY for All of You Today!!

We couldn't do it without you.

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