Monday, June 28, 2010

...and then some!

Some years ago I was in charge of a summer youth activity by a lake up in the High Uintas.

The theme for that youth outing: "...and then some!"

The t-shirts we made with the theme printed on the back are long gone and I don't remember all the clever ways we tied that theme into the three day trip but I do remember talking about God's love for His children.

We would say things like:

God loves us...and then some!
God cares about each one of us...and then some!
God wants us to succeed...and then some!

I'll never forget that trip and the feelings and inspiration I felt.

After dinner tonight, I saw Talitha leaning up against the couch looking about as cheery as ever with a necklace hanging past her waist. With a bit more confidence, she could have pushed off and walked a few steps I'm sure.

On nights like this when my heart is past full it’s like that theme from all those years ago: I love my little girl...

...and then some!

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