Saturday, June 12, 2010

Taste buds

Talitha wasn't much interested in a nap today. She tried twice but each time found it more interesting to converse with imaginary friends while standing and shaking the rail of her crib.

At least it was her HOME crib!

Talitha's appetite is improving ever so slightly. She still has a trigger-happy gag reflex but at least not the obvious nausea.

We've been told that it can take a hundred days or more for the taste buds to return to normal--and not have a sort of metallic taste--after the kind of chemo therapy Tali's had. It's possible since she's so young that her lack of experience with a wide variety of different foods means she doesn't have a basis for comparison between what the food tastes like now versus what that same food used to taste like.

I just hope that her growing database of food reference points doesn't have permanent metallic tainting.

I'm grateful Tali's body seems to be strengthening and hope to soon begin seeing re-growth of her hair and eyelashes.

But with or without hair, she's sooo beautiful to us and we're grateful to have her with us.

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