Saturday, June 5, 2010

Home and Telethon

Talitha slept so good in her own bed last night in spite of the abundant exuberance all around her. (We have to remind the older kids that there's a baby in the house again so they'll quiet down a little earlier than what standard-teenager-time calls for.)

Everyone is now adjusting to the idea that Talitha will be home for good instead of just a few days here and there.

We don't really know for sure what our next steps are as far as follow-up tests and scans. Our next appointment with the oncology clinic is next Tuesday so I hope to be able to report more then.

Our experience tonight with the annual Primary Children's telethon on KSL Channel 5 was both interesting and heartwarming. We had the chance to meet some of the other children and their families that were interviewed. We are so grateful for Primary Children's Medical Center and the extraordinary work and service they provide.

Scott Haws, one of the anchors for Channel 5 spent a few minutes with us before it was our turn to be on air. He had notes about Talitha but took the time to speak with us and get us loosened up a bit so we wouldn't feel quite as nervous. Very nice, very professional.

It helped that the cameras did close-ups mostly of Talitha during our short, on-air segment. More than anything, we just wanted to support Primary Children's in their quest to raise sufficient funds so they will be able to continue to provide for the needs of children regardless of their respective family's ability to pay or not.

We are big fans of Primary Children's now. Never, ever thought we'd need them and would have been lost without them.


  1. We loved seeing you on television ... Ian was so moved by the telethon and knowing that Talitha got to come home that he called and donated the money he has earned recently in her name. He told the operator that he loved Talitha and the whole Black family and was so grateful for the doctors and nurses there that he couldn't not call to help so that other children could have the same experience as Talitha.

    We're so glad to hear that she's finally home! We'll continue to keep all of you in our prayers and wanted you to know how much we love you.

  2. Wow! Thank you Deb. And Ian...I'm so grateful for your huge heart and kindness. You are an amazing young man.

    Thank you!