Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good Things to Come

I enjoyed some one on one time with Talitha from about noon till I put her to bed. The rest of the family took some time to enjoy a much needed outing.

I hope that in a few months, Talitha will be able to join in on such activities but for now, we have to continue keeping her secluded.

Tali and I especially enjoyed a few trips to the back yard to play on the trampoline, watch the birds, and look at the moon in the evening sky. Her enthusiasm and wonderment for life and everything around her is a joy to see. Her facial expressions communicate more powerfully than words.

After her nap, she wanted to sit on a little chair on the lawn. Her camera-happy dad just had to get a picture. But try as I might, I just couldn't get a good picture with her eyes open. She kept saying "too bright" and I kept clicking "too late".

After putting Talitha to bed tonight, I had some alone time since the rest of the family wasn't home yet. Among other things, I had the chance to do some personal study and reflect a bit.

I think sometimes you hold on trying to be brave for so long that you don't realize how close your emotions are to the surface until something triggers you and the flood gates open.

I had such a trigger moment tonight when I came across a video about a young father facing the trials and stress of life like we all do. The story is a personal account told by one of the leaders of my church. Everything is said so beautifully, I knew I had to just share the whole thing instead of just trying to awkwardly relay what it meant to me.

I hope that it might touch you in some small way like it touched me.

Good Things to Come

To see the video, click on the link right above this line that says "Good Things to Come".

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