Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The elephant

Audrey took Talitha to the Bone Marrow/Oncology Clinic at the PCMC today for her first post-treatment review. All her blood counts were ok except for the platelets so they gave her a transfusion to bring those numbers up.

Talitha will go weekly to the Clinic to meet with the Bone Marrow Transplant team for about the next two months. Then they will transfer her back to the Oncology team to do the next brain and spinal column scans along with any other protocol testing.

The "elephant" in the room is an interesting shade of grey.

Did the treatments work? Is the cancer gone?

Some days, I'd rather ignore the elephant. But it's a big elephant and sometimes he's noisy and pushes me around.

There's a beautiful hymn I found to help me tame this unruly beast. It's called "When Faith Endures":

I will not doubt, I will not fear;
God's love and strength are always near.
His promised gift helps me to find
An inner strength and peace of mind.

I give the Father willingly
My trust, my prayers, humility.
His Spirit guides; his love assures
That fear departs when faith endures.


  1. I needed that hymn tonight. Thanks for posting it. Our prayers continue you for Tali and your family.

  2. Thank you for those prayers. Keeps us going.