Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wait for weight

No weight gain yet.

Talitha's weekly checkup showed she's 10.9 kilos (24 pounds). We haven't seen a reading over 11 kilos for a long, long time.

Her blood counts were slightly higher and just enough in some areas to avoid another transfusion for this week at least.

It will just take time.

After a day of worry and stress, I see Tali's smile and realize she isn't the least bit concerned about her weight. She doesn't obsess about blood counts and never complains about no longer having a full head of hair. 

Not once has she asked us when her next spinal tap will be and there isn't even the slightest hint of a concern in her eyes about whether or not any cancer is still lurking in her body. 

She refuses to worry about tomorrow and is perfectly content to take the day as it comes. She has such a delightful time with her daily activities; her only regret in life seems to be that we must take time to sleep.

I feel pretty safe in saying Talitha is fine and will be fine—come what may.

It's her parents I worry about.

A few words from a song I sang as a boy with my family come to mind:

"...So I won't worry about tomorrow,
Have faith in just today.
My Father in Heaven knows my needs and sorrows.
I'll trust in Him, have faith, and pray."

Now, if I can just learn to live that way...

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