Sunday, June 27, 2010


Audrey and I took Talitha on a long stroller ride this evening.

Perfect weather.

We passed neighbors and friends; others were also taking advantage of the opportunity to walk and talk and enjoy this beautiful world God made.

I'm hoping that these moments are the gentle transitions toward the day that Talitha will be able to be with us at church and other public places with lots of people around again.

Tali loves people. She loves to wave and say "hi" from a distance. Then if someone she's not too familiar with gets close enough to say hello or ask her questions, she'll get shy and pretend to forget how to talk.

But make no mistake about it: she loves the human interaction.

We don't know how long this time of "transition" will be.

So, thank you for the untiring encouragement and support. I promise it means more to us than you realize.

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