Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A bump in the road

Some of Talitha's blood counts are dropping again so, while she was at the hospital today for her weekly review, they gave her neupogen to stimulate the white blood cell and ANC production.

If she get's any kind of a fever, they will admit her to the hospital, especially at times like this when she is severely neutropenic (i.e. her ANC count has dropped clear down to 300).

Evidently, this is not that unusual this close to the end of treatment. So, we will continue to take the outlined precautions and work to get Tali better.

Audrey asked about the central line issue I mentioned in yesterday's blog post. Again, they were not that concerned about it. Talitha has not been able to gain weight  and so there's not much meat on her bones that would've otherwise better hidden the central line within her chest wall.

On the bright side, Tali seems to be eating a little better and rediscovering some foods she hasn't eaten in a very long while.

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