Sunday, June 20, 2010

Talitha's Turn

I just wanted to thank you for reading my blog and for praying for me. My Daddy loves to do the blog but he said it would be ok for me to take a turn.

I am doing really really good. I got to go to my grandma's for dinner tonight. It was really fun because it's the only place I've been besides home, the hospital, and an occasional car ride to pick up one of my siblings from whatever they're doing. I made my aunt take me around the house, I was just so excited to see everything!

But, my favorite thing was the little car outside that I could sit in while someone pushed me around in it. I think my dad and mom need to buy me one to have at home :o).

I fell out of my little chair outside on the grass and got a little scrape on the back of my head right by my scar. I was sad and told my mom all about it.

I am learning so fast right now. I like to learn ASL for fun and if you sign "I love you" to me you will most likely get a "love you"out loud from me. My family loves to do this with me and they think I'm really cute.

Anyway, thanks again for following my journey. It has been kind of rough sometimes but I have felt strength and love from your prayers and from Heavenly Father.

And on this Father's Day I just want to tell my Dad, I LOVE YOU and you do a great job on the blog. Even if mommy calls some of your entries a novel or sermon. (Just don't listen to that part, she's usually right about everything else!) I don't think there's another Daddy in the whole world who can sing like you and tell me stories like you can. You're the best!

Love, Tali

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