Friday, June 4, 2010

Three for three!

Tali engrafted on the 11th day after transplant...again. And because she never stopped eating and drinking...she got to come home!

The look on Tali and her mom's face says it all! She made it through the treatments and is now HOME!

When a cancer patient finishes his or her treatment, everyone on staff gathers round a special bell and cheers as the bell is rung three times. (Talitha rang the bell once but all the loud cheers and clapping made her shy. So her mother stepped up and rang that bell so there'd be no mistaking!)

After the little bell ringing ceremony, Talitha's brother and sisters gathered by the bell in a siblings pose. (They are all so excited to have their baby sister back.)

The only snag happened when Tali saw the playroom she used to hang out in during the induction cycles of chemo. She's not been able to visit her little stomping ground for ages since the bone marrow transplant cycles kept her quarantined in her hospital room.

She insisted on playing in the playroom and hollered plenty at the suggestion we go home. She had business to take care of and wasn't about to be deterred.

But finally, the wagon ride procession from the 4th floor to the car got underway. Oh to be outside for real instead of just looking through the window!

Three for three…and the victory bell is rung. In every way a team effort, so the celebration and cheers are for all of you.

The war is not over but this battle is won and so we say “Yay” and carry on.


  1. So very happy for you all! I can only imagine how wonderful it is to have Tali home and your family all together!

  2. So thrilled to hear that Talitha is now home for good =)! She and your family continue to be in our prayers always.