Monday, June 7, 2010

In control

We had a family planning meeting tonight.

School is out for the summer. Talitha is through with her protocol treatments. Everyone is living under one roof again. Time to get re-acquainted as a family.

I tried to keep everyone on task with the planning but Talitha just kept distracting everyone. Tali's at a fun age where she likes to repeat things she hears. (This is cute most the time as long as older brother and sisters don't start pushing the envelope with non-age-appropriate teenager talk that gets them the "evil eye" from mom and dad.)

So, I must confess, the minutes passed without completing the summer planning session. Everyone seemed more interested in playing, and talking, and laughing.

I guess this is where I get to take a chill pill and just be grateful. After all, we've not exactly been living according to some planned script for any real stretch of time this entire year. We've had to trust that God has a master plan and gives us our daily tasks along with our daily by day.

The biblical manna from heaven didn't come in batches of weekly supply. So I might learn to be content with my daily supply and trust in Him to provide as well tomorrow as He did today. (Better a daily supply from Heaven than a weekly or monthly stash by the arm of flesh.)

Perhaps one day I will see that the only thing I control is the turning of my control (my will) over to the Lord. Then and only then will things truly be in control.

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