Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Talitha has been making great improvements each day since coming home last Tuesday. Her neck is starting to hold her head up a lot better and we are sitting her up and trying to exercise her legs and arms a little bit each day.

On Friday, the last stitch was taken out where they closed the place the external drain had been. She also had a blood test to see if her sodium levels are doing ok. Her sodium is a "perfect" 140!

Thank you for all your love, support, faith, and prayers!

Tomorrow (Monday), Talitha will be at Primary Children's Medical Center for surgery to prepare for the chemotherapy. These are the 3 things they will be doing during surgery:

1. Installing a double lumen catheter / central line in her chest that will remain throughout the duration of her treatment and will be the portal through which the therapy medicines will be delivered.

2. Doing a spinal tap to remove fluids to see if her spine is clear of any Medulloblastoma "seeding". (Please pray for Talitha that the cancer will not spread to her spine.)

3. Performing a sedated hearing test to establish her baseline hearing capability prior to commencement of therapy.

My brother Hugh and his son Bryson set up a blog for us to use to write updates. As soon as the set up is complete, we will let everyone know so you can see the regular updates if you would like to follow Talitha's progress.

We have been very grateful for a few days of relative peace and quiet at home where everyone has actually been sleeping for a change.

Thank you again for your faith and prayers on behalf of little Talitha. Please, please, please keep it's working!

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