Wednesday, January 13, 2010

12/26/09 Update

Lonely hours in Pediatric ICU

William returned a call and spoke with Susan this morning (Saturday) at 10:30. He described a roller coaster night with current status looking pretty good.

Around midnight William, acting on inspiration, convinced the nurse to let him use a pink swab to moisten Talitha’s mouth. The nurse relented only after she squoze most of the water from the sponge. Talitha responded very well. She went after the water in the sponge with great gusto. She spoke a few words. They were very encouraged.
William held Talitha as they both fell asleep in the chair.
Around 2 AM, alarms started ringing. They awoke to find the artery line in Talitha’s arm had come out and blood was spurting everywhere. They were able to get things back in order and cleaned up.
Normally, as nurse shifts are changing, in the 7 am to 8 am and the 7 pm to 8 pm hours, parents and visitors are not allowed into the ICU patient rooms. This morning, however, William was not kicked out. Instead he stayed and prevailed with the doctors in his insistence to give Talitha water to drink. Again, she became very responsive as she drank 1st one ounce of water and then 15 minutes later the doctor said to let her have a sippy-cup. At that point she drank 2 sippy-cups of pedialyte. She talked and moved better than she has previously. Shortly after these successes, they brought a menu in so that she can eat and drink as she desires.

William was traveling to Grandma Wood’s house to sleep and Audrey has taken up the next shift with Talitha.

William and Audrey express their gratitude for the help, faith, and prayers from everybody in their behalf. They specifically request that people keep praying that Talitha’s swelling will go down and that her sodium levels will rise to the proper range. They are very hopeful that Talitha will be able to leave ICU within the next 24 hours.

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