Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update 1/26/10

Another trip to Salt Lake and back this morning. This time it was a visit to Dr. Walker, the neurosurgeon who did such an amazing job with Talitha's operation on Christmas Eve. He was very pleased with how her head is healing and thinks her eye movement is much improved and her movement on the left side--leg, arm, hand--is very encouraging.

She threw up this morning right before we left to Salt Lake. It happened right after Audrey gave her some medicine so it may have just been a gag reflex? She didn't have any more problems with losing-her-lunch the rest the day so I don't think nausea is intruding as much as expected.

(I'm kind of falling asleep typing so maybe the update is done for tonight...)

I'm grateful for kind people. Many of whom act without invitation. Our appreciation of prayer and strength from others will never be the same. Thank you.

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