Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Talitha continues to make progress in various areas. She smiled today for the first time which was a wonderful delight for her parents. She loved having books read to her today. Unfortunately her pain was worse today primarily from the increased pressure on the shunt. She is still in the ICU unfortunately due to some much lower sodium levels but they are still working with her to see what will work the best. William thinks Talitha has decided to stay in the ICU for another day so she can say that she stayed in ICU for two years.

William and Audrey met with one of the oncologists today for the first time. They will have a meeting on Monday as well with the primary oncologist. The oncologist that came by today said that her tumor is one of the very nasty cancerous tumors but fortunately the options in the chemo treatments today unlike the past make it much more likely for survival. However, they will need to be very aggressive on the treatments.

We need to continue to pray fervently for her recovery and also to help prepare William, Audrey and Talitha for the long road ahead. They continue to be very appreciative of the wonderful support and the prayers on their behalf. They wish everyone a very happy new year.

On behalf of Laura and I we also wish everyone a very Happy New Year as well.

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